My hourly rate is currently $325.00 per hour plus HST.

All of my work is charged on an hourly basis.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, VISA, Mastercard or e-transfers.

My hourly rate is the same whether you wish to retain me as your mediator or as your lawyer.

For my mediation services, I will ask you and your spouse to provide me with a combined retainer (i.e., a deposit) of no more than 5 hours at a time.  Similarly, for my legal representation services, I will ask you to provide me with a retainer of no more than 5 hours at at time.  From time to time, I will provide you with my detailed account, which shows where and how much time I spent on your case.  

How much it will cost to complete your case depends on you and your spouse.  Some of my clients need more of my time, and others require less.  As I become familiar with your case, I can give you a better sense of how many hours it might take to complete your case.

I would be happy to discuss your matter in confidence.

Neeraj Goel
Accredited Family Mediator & Family Lawyer


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