Early Neutral Consultation

If you and your spouse are at the beginning of your journey to separation/divorce, and you need information about how to move forward, Early Neutral Consultation might be very useful.

In a nutshell, in Early Neutral Consultation,  I would meet with both you and your spouse together and talk to you about your options and answer any general questions that you might have about getting separated/divorced.

In this session, I spend about 1.5 hours with both of you and we talk about the issues that you need to think about (related to property division, child support, spousal support and parenting).  We talk about process options as well (i.e., should you use mediation or negotiation or litigation to reach the terms of settlement).

For this process, you must come to the session with your spouse because the purpose is for the both of you to hear the same information at the same time.

Please understand that during this session, I cannot give you legal advice, and I cannot act as your lawyer.  I give helpful legal information only.  You do not make any decisions during this session.

I charge $300.00 plus HST as a one-time flat fee for this session.

I would be happy to discuss your matter in confidence.

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